File removals / abuse

If you have come across some uploads that you believe to be in violation of the Terms of Service, please report them to the contact email address.


In the DMCA email, you must include the following:

Send DMCA emails to the follwing email address:

Terms of Service

Servers are located in France (provider: OVH), therefore all content uploaded and stored on the servers must comply with France laws and legislations.

All uploads you submit are the sole property of you. Uploads are not publicly shared on our website, and wherever you share your upload links is your responsibility on who clicks the links.

If an upload is found to violate the Terms Of Service, it will be removed without a warning and local authorities will be informed if the offending material is serious. Information linked to such material will be handed over to assist them. If an IP ban is acted upon, all uploads associated with that IP address will be permanently deleted. They will not be restored under any circumstances.

Under no circumstances, you should never upload any content that might be illegal, including, but not limited to:

Admins can remove uploads with any reason and without any notice or warnings (eg. in cases of spam or mass-upload).

The Terms Of Service can change at anytime without prior notice. Please make it a regular occurence to check the terms of service to see if there are any changes.